Fire & EMS

We Must Support our Hometown Heroes
Firefighters & EMS are Important Considerations in this Election

I strongly believe that we must do a much better job of honoring those that risk their lives for our safety and provide greater support for those that do it as volunteers. Our volunteer fire companies are great contributors to our community. They provide essential services on which we all rely, and they do it professionally, cost-effectively and as volunteers.

There is no question that if Carroll County had to provide all of these services with paid firefighters, it would be a necessary but very substantial investment. And while that day may come at some point, we need to be very appreciative of what they do and support them well.

As County Commissioner, I will advocate for the following:

  • To establish a permanent location for the new Public Safety Training Facility that is both functional and centrally located. It needs to meet the training needs of our companies and be central enough for them to go back in service if needed
  • To develop a plan for the future of Firefighters & EMS that provides administrative support and meets the financial needs of the companies without creating
  • To use the cooperative buying power of the county to support the operational needs of the 14 companies without infringing on the autonomy, management and performance of those companies
  • To agree that any transition from volunteer firefighters to paid firefighters would be done at a pace and in a process that would be driven by the individual companies and was fully respectful of our volunteers
  • To work with the Carroll County State delegation to reasonably reduce restrictions on fundraising activities and to seek alternative funding sources for our companies
  • To hold an annual Carroll County Emergency Services Summit to discuss issues related to fire, EMS and related community services and the needs of our service providers.

Proposal – Fire and EMS (PDF Version)