New Leadership – Better Government

New Leadership…Better Government
(letter to Carroll Eagle)

We need new leadership and better government for Carroll County. It is for this reason that I am running for County Commissioner for District 5 (Sykesville & Eldersburg). Carroll County government has abandoned its strong conservative base and has acted much too much like Washington and Annapolis. It is costing us millions of dollars that we will be paying for years to come and poses a great threat to the way we live in this county.

Carroll County has established a dangerous pattern of spending first and asking important questions later. We have seen many projects such as Manchester Valley High School, Pathways, County Police, the Airport and the Incinerator become very expensive and unnecessary projects that have become more about politics than about good solutions for the challenges facing our county in these difficult times.

We need to invest in teachers, not elaborate school buildings. We need to support our Sheriff’s Department as the primary law enforcement agency in the county. We need to bring business to Carroll County to create good jobs and reduce taxes. We need to stop the incinerator.

Leadership is not a letter to the editor and it is not a dissenting vote once the other two have voted in the affirmative. It is not about rhetoric, it is about results.

We need new leadership that will establish clear objectives, informed discussion, proven strategies and policies consistent with our conservative values – less spending, individual property rights, self-determination, lower taxes and less government intrusion.

I have been in leadership positions in business and in the community. You can learn more about me, my approach to government and my position on issues at I want to bring new leadership to Carroll County for better government.

I ask for your support and I ask for your VOTE!