Save Approximately $100,000

Text of May 4th, 2010 E-Mail to Commissioners Proposing Pay Cut


As one who fully intends to be directly impacted by the budget for the Commissioners office in FY 2011, I would like to make the following recommendations to save the taxpayers approximately $100,000 per year. In this very challenging budget year, every savings will help. A savings of $100,000 per year is a $600,000 savings for the six year projection that you are working at this time.


1. Reduce Commissioners salaries to $40,000 per year

2. Budget all Commissioner Assistants to part-time (approx. 20 hours)

3. Bring the budget for training, supplies, etc. to $75,000 (down from a proposed $90,200)

4. Eliminate retirement contributions (going forward) for Commissioners

I believe this would create a savings of about $100,000 per year without impacting the ability of the office to perform its duties. When employees are being laid off, wages are frozen, funding is limited and citizens are struggling to make ends meet, this seems like a very reasonable accommodation. I hope you agree.